Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors (Gold)

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The gold FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors from Fender are designed for a premium listening experience and transparent sound reproduction. They are hand-assembled in Nashville, and the low-profile slimline-style monitors offer articulate performance, generous comfort, and can be used with tablets, recorders, MP3 players, and more.

Featuring dual HDBA tweeters, custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth drivers, and groove-tuned bass ports with zero-crossovers, the monitors have a 6 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response for lifelike-sound reproduction. They deliver sound smoothly balanced throughout the entire audio spectrum.

Furthermore, their universal fit wears like a custom monitor, providing cushion-like comfort. Additionally, a carrying case, a 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, secure-fit tips, acoustic-filter earplugs, a cleaning tool, and an MMCX cable terminated with a 1/8″ mini-jack connector are also included.

HDBA Technology
Fender’s patented HDBA (Hybrid-Dynamic tuned Balanced-Armature Array) technology is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the custom dynamic drivers to give you the best of both worlds—fast response with detailed high end and deep, rich bass
Custom Rare-Earth Dynamic Drivers
The dynamic drivers have a clear, sweet sound due to their full-range frequency response. Constructed with rare-earth magnets, which are more powerful than traditional magnet materials, these custom drivers are sure to please fans of rich, punchy low end
Groove-Tuned Port
Reproducing bass frequencies properly requires more air movement than needed for other frequencies. The Groove-tuned bass port on this model allows more air to reach the driver, enhancing the bass response without adding size or weight to the monitors
3D-Printed Digital-Hybrid-Technology Housing
The 3D-printed housing provides a custom-molded-like fit derived from scanning literally thousands of ear canals and then compiling the results to create an “ideal” fit that works for 95% of users. This low-profile housing uses 3D printing for a precise fit that seals the ear canal for enhanced bass and reduced ambient interference
Detachable MMCX Cable
Constructed from silver-plated low-oxygen copper cable, the MMCX cables reduce signal loss, ensuring the maximum amount of audio goes where it belongs—your ears. The square connector is easy to grip, even when exposed to moisture, making cable swapping a snap. The integrated formable wire creates a secure over-the-ear fit
Ambient Noise-Reducing
With the combination of the 3D-printed housing and patent-pending secure-fit tips these in-ear monitors reduce ambience by up to 22 dB, allowing you to hear what you need the most—your music