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VocoPro DVX-668K Overview

The DVX-668K from VocoPro
is more than just a full-featured karaoke player, it’s a versatile home
entertainment media hub for watching movies, listening to music,
viewing slide shows and more. Why just get a normal DVD player when you
can have the DVX-668K and have a lot more fun?

Two microphone inputs are featured on the front panel of the DVX-668K,
so you can sing duets and have backup singers when needed. Digital echo
effects are included that make your family and friends sound like super

The DVX-668K is compatible with a format of compact disc called CD+G.
Many titles for karaoke singing are available on CD+G that feature the
instrumental music you need, and graphics that display on your TV.

If a singer’s voice isn’t in the right range of a song they want to
sing, the DVX-668K allows you to adjust the key of the song up or down
by 16%, without changing the tempo. You can even quickly loop portions
of a song if you want to practice them over and over again.

Karaoke is just the beginning of the good times you can have with the
DVX-668K. It also plays DVDs, so you can watch your favorite movies in
high-resolution with 5.1 surround sound. You can play CDs and listen to
music on MP3s as well. You can even attach USB drives to the DVX-668K
and play files, watch slide shows of your digital photos, and more.

Plays CD+G karaoke discs, DVDs, audio CDs, MP3s, and has a USB port for attaching thumb drives and hard drives
2 microphone inputs and digital echo effects enable you and your friends to sing like professionals
Features digital audio outputs, component video, and 5.1 surround sound for excellent quality sound and picture
NTSC and PAL compatible for worldwide use (includes SCART video outputs for Europe)
Take control from the comfort of the sofa with the included wireless remote




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