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Ace Backstage Co. Inc.’s medium-sized Stage Pocket, the Half Stage
Pocket, is a standard general use vertical slant panel flush stage
pocket. The Half Stage Pocket is made of heavy duty steel and may be
used to conceal audio, communications, control, data, electric AC power,
switches, video, and voice connections etc. below the floor surface for
easy access and to prevent connector damage. The Half Stage Pocket has a
medium capacity inter-changeable panel system which permits easy custom
connector/panel configurations.

Utilizing ACE’s “Connectrix” System will allow mounting of up to 6
“Connectrix”, Neutrik®, Switchcraft®, and/or Custom Connectors in the
Half Stage Pocket. All ACE Half Stage Pockets are welded steel
construction, with a 1/8″ (nominally 11 ga. (.120″)) thick CRS steel Lid
and Mounting Flange and a 16 ga. (.062″) thick Pocket Body. The Half
Stage Pocket resists bending under even the most severe stage loads.

Removable spring loaded hinge pins permits easy exchange of lids for
carpet lids, locking lids, standard lids, and other custom application
lids. A generous cable way slot of 3/8″ x 4″ permits easy cable exit
from the stage pocket, even for large gauge cables. A cableway slot
closure channel closes the slot when not in use. The Half Stage Pocket
has an easy installation into 4.75″ x 8.5″ cutout in the stage floor.
Open easy access from top or back of the Half Stage Pocket to connector
panels makes for easy installation.

A scratch/wear resistant finish, oven cured powder coat is
electro-staticly applied inside and outside the entire Stage Pocket. The
Half Stage Pocket’s solid rubber Lid Stops cradle the lid to prevent
lid rattle.

ACE’s Standard Vertical Slant Panel Stage Pocket Systems offer
“Connectivity” Solutions with a flexible, reliable, and simplistic
design. The flexible design of the Standard Vertical Slant Panel Stage
Pocket Lid, Mounting Flange and Pocket Body along with Custom and
Prefabricated Aluminum “Connectrix” (Neutrik®/Switchcraft® combo cutout)
Panels, Switchcraft® Panels, and our large selection of “Connectrix”
(Neutrik®/Switchcraft® combo cutout), Switchcraft®, and Custom
Connectors allow the Stage Pockets to be installed in many different
applications. These applications include educational, institutional, and
liturgical settings. Within these applications various audio,
communications, control, data, electric AC power, video, and voice
terminations are possible, allowing for a complete Stage Pocket System.




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