Leviton DMXSM201-H81 Merge Unit Used

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A DMX merger is used when multiple control inputs must communicate to the same device. A DMX merger helps to completely rid a system of complex, error-prone, multi-location DMX input wiring schemes. This merger combines all (8) inputs, using a highest level takes precedence (HTP) philosophy into a single 512 channel DMX output. All inputs are optically isolated from each other to ensure the protection of sensitive equipment. For further extension of the DMX signal, the merger can be combined with Leviton’s DMXSM-H18 DMX splitter for an (8) input / (8) output DMX powerhouse. The DMXSM-H81 combines eight inputs into a single DMX512 output and employs a highest level takes precedence philosophy. DMX Signal Management 8 Input Merger (8 In, 1 Out). Applications: multiple control locations, multiple simultaneous control devices, easy backup controller integration 8 Inputs and 1 Output (100% optically isolated) Inputs rated to withstand max 48Vdc amp; Inputs merge in highest level takes precedence (HTP) mode DMX-512A Compliant 2-part terminals at rear, series wire.